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Save error: Unable to perform save on all files: No match found



I got the following error message when trying to save a test class into production. 


Save error: Unable to perform save on all files: No match found


This test class UpdateOppWithQuoteDetailsTest works in QA sandbox but not in production. I'm not sure what caused this error. Below is a portion of the test class. Please help. Thanks




private class UpdateOppWithQuoteDetailsTest



Parameter(s): NA

Return Type : NA

Reason : Upon changing the Status of the Quote to “Complete”.

Change the stage of the Opportunity to “CM RFP Shipped” or "RFP Shipped"

and populate RFP/Rates Sent field information from the Quote

on theOpportunity record for 'Renewal' record type.




Profile p = [select id from profile where name='Client Management'];


User u = newUser(alias = 'sg', email='sharanya.g89@cognizant.com',

CommunityNickname =



'en_US', LanguageLocaleKey='en_US', timezonesidkey='America/Los_Angeles',


'UTF-8',profileid = p.Id, username='sharanya99@gmail.com');


RecordType> accrtypes = [SelectName, Id FromRecordTypewhere sObjectType='Account'and isActive=true];



Map<String,String> accountRecordTypes =



Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav

You might want to consider re-writing your test class to use dummy data rather than relying on the data created in the environments.


- A


Thanks for you input. I've tried to disable this test class but it says the associated test class failed to execute. So how can I bypass this problem? I basically want to disable this test class so to avoid running to this issue. The error displays this message "Save error: Unable to perform save on all files: No match found" but does not show what lines it encounters the problem. I cannot deploy my other items without fixing this error. Any ideas will be appreciated.