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Mail Merge in Word using Opportunities and Contract

Hi all;

Very new to SalesForce but recent convert from Dynamics CRM.

I'm trying to create a contract document that includes products sold to a customer from a "won" Opportunity.

I'm not sure if it is even possible but I'm looking to bring into the one document items such as Company name/address etc, opportunity line items and products, contract number/start date/end date etc.


The first two (company and opportunity/product) I can do out of the box using the Office connector and running the merge on the Opportunity object. But I'm unable to bring in the contract information unless I run the merge from Contracts and then I lose the opportunity line items and products.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




Not certain if this helps, but take a look at the two page help for Connect for Word:




We have a confirmation form that I have created using the connector for Word it has the products and the account information, which are from different tables.


Hope this helps.


If you can't find a way to do it in Salesforce, may I highly recommend the excellent CongaMerge by AppExtremes. It is incredibly inexpensive, offers fantastic customer service, and can definitely do this. I'm just a very satisfied customer - no direct ties to them.