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Anyway do multi-picklist slects like they work in a page layout?

When a picklist multi is in a regular pagelout, it appears I automatically get this two-column GUI object that let's me moved selected items from one column to the selected column.


Is there an input type in VF that does that automatically or would it have to be coded by hand?


Right now the only way you get that functionality is by binding apex: inputField to a field with type multi-select picklist.

How do I declare field in Apex to be multi-select picklist?  Does it have to be a field in an SObject of that type?  Can it be a stand-alone variable?


I'm building up a where clause in dynamic SOQL from fields on the page so the page is going to local variables, not directly to input of an SObject.






Ken -


Did you ever get any feedback on this?  I want to do something similar.  Please let me know thanks!


- Ben


Just what's in this thread.  That's it. 


I wonder if you could trick it by creating a dummy object type with the picklist field in it, then use an inputField for that.  Right now, it's not important enough functionality to go thru that work but I might try it some time in the future.