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New to Apex and Visualforce


         I'm trying to build a simple table that will display our daily bookings by rep.  I have built the visusalforce page, but I'm having problems with creating the controller to pull the data.  There are only 3 fields in this object they are:





Any help would be greatly appericated! 


Can you give us a bit more information?  


It sounds like you should be able to use a standard controller, but you will need to pass some information on the URL for the page.  How are you navigating to the page (custom button?) 


Using Sites... 


So its a URL you go to and it pulls back the data from our Bookings__c object.


So do you know the id of the Bookings__c object that you want to display?  If you do (e.g. maybe they choose from a list), you can simply add the id to the end of the URL, e.g.




and then you can use a standard controller which will retrieve the object you have identified by its id.