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Changing links/buttons in related list + notes from custom objects not in notes related list

I am building a simple page to show the account details and notes of an account. Will be used on a site for another team to view sales notes. I would like it to be a single page with the bottom section just freshing with the details of the notes selected from up top. Is there anyway to do this with the related lists (apex:relatedlist)? It would be great if i could use those but also change the links so that instead of opening to the whole new page the detail just opened below.


I first built the page with a pageblock table, and commandlinks. Essentially making my own related list, was just wondering if there was an easier way. Also if i use a related list how do i control what buttons show  on my VF page? I'm sure i could change the button layout on my page layout but all our profiles are using the same layout. If i make a second page layout how do I tell my VF page to use the related list from that layout?


Since i'm on the topic of related lists. Lets say i have a custom object Survey which has notes. How come the notes of a survey don't show in the notes related list on the Account page? 





Let me simplify this. I've gotten past my issues only one remains. I am using <apex:detail> to show the detail page for a note/event/task. But each of those detail pages show buttons like Edit, Deleted and others. How can i show that detail page without showing those buttons? I want this page to be read only and so the option to do anything else shouldn't even be there.