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actionSupport and onchange suddenly broken in Winter '11?

So I have (had) a fine Visualforce page working for the past year that suddenly doesn't work in Winter '11. 

Specifically the ajax part that rerenders some custom (Lookup to related records) picklists base on the "onchange" actionSupport attribute.

Did something change in Winter '11..?   Here's my vf code:



<apex:outputLabel value="*Locations" for="locations"/>          
<apex:selectList value="{!selectedLocationOption}" size="1" id="locations">
  <apex:selectOptions value="{!dependentLocationStrings}"/> 
  <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="careers"/>          		            


I'm able to get the proper results back if I keep hitting the "Send" button with missing form criteria (like First Name) so that my custom form validation fails (on purpose.)  But previously (Oct.'09 through last week) this just worked based on user selection and onchange event.

I've replicated the faulty behavior in FF, Safari, Chrome, and IE 6.





Are you getting an error message in your browser's debug logs? You could also try using "onsubmit" and "ondomupdatecomplete" JavaScript events and see if they're getting called. This may help you determine where the process is breaking down. I just posted a response about onchange events acting oddly in various browsers, and I think it might be a combination of the Salesforce library and the random quirks inherent in various browser implementations. I've been using JavaScript for a while, and it doesn't normally seem this quirky, so I suspect that there is something deeper going on.


I realized I never updated this ticket... Anyhow, it required some SFDC Tier3 support..  basically we had to move our line of Google tracking script to the right after the "body" open tag instead of right before the "body" close tag.

Hadn't been a problem prior to Winter'11.  But working fine since making the change.  Must have been some javascript conflicts.