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Unique (or No Duplicate) Results from a Related List

I am using apex:repeat to display a related list, but I'd like to only display unique results. How do I achieve this?


Just for some frame of reference - It's a list of a custom object (OBJ) that is related to my Quote Line Items, so multiple Quote Line Items may be related to the same OBJ - I want to list out all the OBJs referenced in the Line Items without it displaying duplicates if its related to more than one line item.

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Change your controller so that it runs the following query: [select id,Name... from Obj__c where id in (select object__c from QuoteLineItem where Quote.Opportunity.Id = :oppid)] Where oppid is an ID to the opportunity, object__c is the lookup on your QuoteLineItem to the custom object, and Obj__c is your object's name. This should return a unique list of Obj__c that you can display in your repeat tag.