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mouseover popup



I need to work on a requirement for which i need to display help text kind of work around for each and every lov of a picklist.

So when a user clicks on a picklist and hover on the lovs , the corresponding lov description should get displayed as floating window.


Did any gone through this kind of implementation ? PLease share your thoughts.


I am planning on using custom setting for lov descriptions, as there are 4-5 picklists with dependencies between them , total lovs count greater than 50.




This is going to be inside custom VF page?

Yes it is on a vfp. Do we have any other option?

I am facing the same problem. Any solution?


yeah we decided to go with custom picklists with onfocus, onblur events (not for mouse over since we cannot get the response that fast and it wont look good too) and have the help descriptions stored inside a custom setting with the corresponding record type and all. So when ever the user clicks the custom picklist, we will display the list of all lovs with their corresponding help description as a table using a div tag. If selects a lov or selects some other picklists we will hide the div element on the onblur event. Let me know if you need any more info as this required was not yet finalized.





Can you provide a sample code for that.


it was still under discussion, once it is finalized will let you know our findings.



Simon ThompsonSimon Thompson

You may want to take a look at Improved Help for Salesforce




Improved Help allows Help Authors to:


  • Define rich custom help content and add context-sensitive links to repurpose underused remote 'Help Resources';
  • Provide Helped Users with a locally branded, custom help portal and Quick Access Menu to access Help Tools;
  • Push rich content, in context, direct to the point of need - in situ, embedded within helped Salesforce application pages.