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Designing InlineEditing

Hi All

    I have designed a page which show all record of account in a pageBlock table. I want to add inline support.when user double clicked on any coloum value to which he wants to edit....then a window appears showing that field for edit and two buttom  "save" and cancel  present in that window and parent window becomes shaded.new window is like alert in javascript.

I was thinking that I will design an outputpanel and in that panel field for edit and two button present and also will set rendred property on that panel.BUt problem is that how can set that rendred value on double click....I mean can I call an apex method on <apex:inlineEditsupport....>...so If any one any idea please tell me.....

If you want to more about the problem please click on that url ....I just want to make that way



Then double click on phone field....show what am trying to do

Help me as soon as possible....





<apex:inlineEditsupport....> fires its own way of handling inline edit... if it is a textbox... if will show a textbox right where you clicked. if it is a text area it would automatically open a popup to edit it. But if you always want to open a popup. try writing some CSS/Javascript on double click of each of the column cell for your grid. 



  I could not write Input textarea of textfield because I am displaying value in a pageblock table.I have used<apex:outputfield>.

 would you like to share me css or style code for opening a popup.....?






Thanks In Advance