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How to test for random, persistent user errors on VF survey form???

I've created several webforms and multi-page surveys using Visualforce pages.  After creating them I have colleagues test them.  When they go live, the great majority of users have no trouble, but there is a persistent minority that reports things like this:

  •  page locks up (especially when using multi-picklists);
  •  went through entire survey, didn't get acknowledgement email, and when I check, no record of the survey has been created;
  •  multiple acknowledgement emails, only one survey registered.

So far, I've tried:

  • removing multi-picklists; 
  • avoiding the use of i-frames.  This seems to reduce the incidence of problems, but not eliminate it; and
  •  including code to force IE9 into compatibility mode.

Still, some problems continue.


Do others have these problems?  Any suggestions for fixes?


Any suggestions for how to test for them in order to identify the causes?


I am concerned because I can't scale up without having forms that are rock solid.  I always figured that going with the simplest configuration - VF pages without javascript, etc - would yield the most reliable customer experience.


Thanks for your suggestions,