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Accessing browser audio for playback with javascript

In my visualforce page, I'm using javascript to connect to an external server and need to play back audio coming from the server. The problem is that when I try to play back sound through the audio channel, salesforce already has control of that channel and I can't play sounds through it. Has anyone run into this or have any suggestions? It seems like whichever calls access to the audio gets it first, and salesforce does that (not sure why they need it) before I can run my code.


I logged a case with support, but their oh so helpful india call centers took a week and said they didn't know. Suggesions? 

The problem is that these are not saved source files, they are being
streamed live from our server once we've established a connection. Unless
you know how to make the audio tag reference that stream?
So the user would be joining in a live audio session?
sadhana telnadesadhana telnade
Hello, did you get solution for your problem? I have same requirement in my project. Can you please tell me what you did for audio streaming? 
And does it work in Classic version?