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App default unable to remove from High Volume Customer Portal



I have an application that I went to edit and set "Assign to Profiles" as Visible and Default for the "High Volume Customer Portal" profile.


I now want to delete this app. I can't because it is default for this profile. So I go in to edit this profile, and unlike the others (e.g. System Admin) it does not contain the "Custom App Settings" section. This means it looks like I cannot set this as not the default profile for this user profile.


How can I get out of this deadlock? I need to delete this app, please help!


Thanks in advance.


In my opinion this is not feasible. If a custom app is set as the default for a profile, then you cannot make it invisible for that profile. Both the Visible and default checkboxes will be read-only.                                       


seems like a bug. Please open a case with support. 


Why do you need to delete this app? Is it possible to assign a different default app to the HVPU profile in order to change the default for the profile or delete the HVPU profile (after reassigning the users) altogether?

Ashish JoshiAshish Joshi

Hi everyone,


I'm new to force.com platform and I'm also facing the same problem.

I'm unable to delete a custom app which was default app for all the profiles.

When I tried to delete it, it gave me error mentioning that "this app is default for (list of ) profiles."

I tried to edit the profiles and changed the default app setting to other app than this one. But I'm

unable to find "Custom app settings" section in the following profiles:


1.Authenticated Website

2.High Volume Customer Portal

3.Customer Portal Manager Standard

4.Customer Portal Manager Custom


Thus I'm unable to delete this custom app.

Hope you guys will help me out, as I need to delete this unnecessary app.


Warm regards,


Ashish Joshi


Hi, create a new app ...set that profile(s) as visible and default for the new app.


Now you can delete the old app.

Creating a New app allows to delete the Old App for which it was unable to delete earlier.
Any way to delete this Junk Application?
Shilpa KambleShilpa Kamble
@Sid0753, Thanks, it worked.