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Thomas StrohThomas Stroh 

Insufficient Privileges on Contacts with Customer Portal User

I've been stuck for a bit on trying to make "Contacts" available via the Customer Portal. When selecting "Contacts" on the customer portal, I receive "Insufficient Privileges".


Some notes and things I have already checked ...


- The User License type = Customer Portal Manager

- Profile & Tab Settings for Contact = Default On

- Profile & Standard Object Permissions for Contact = Read, Create, Edit


Just hoping I missing something simple.





Are you using a VF page or standard contact page?


Are there any custom fields (formula, roll up) that get data from anotgher object that ther user does not have access to?


Does the user have access to the account object? Contact record sharing is based off of the Parent (Account)


What about OWD, are they set to private? if so, does the user have access to the account record via sharing rules?



Thomas StrohThomas Stroh

Thanks for the reply.


- I am using the standard contact page. So VF is not involved here.

- I do not have any formula fields in the Contact object.

- I do have a Roll-Up summary to a child object, but the user already has "Read" access to this object in the defined Profile. I did go though and check field level security also.


By the way, would not have thought to check the formula fields or roll-up summary. Great input, but wasn't my problem.


- The portal user's profile has "Read" access to the Account object. When using a "Customer Portal Manager" user license, read is the only option.

- In OWD settings for the Contact object, it is set to "Controlled by Parent".


Any other suggestions?




While you're logged in with your regular Salesforce user license, grab a real contact Id, login as that portal user, and then paste the Id after the https://[whatever].salesforce.com/. If your portal contact can access their own contact record that way, this probably means you don't have the contact tab enabled in your customer portal settings. Check your Selected Tabs at Setup > Customize > Customer Portal > Settings > [your portal] > Customize Portal Tabs.

Thomas StrohThomas Stroh

Well, thanks for everyone's suggestions. Turns out it was a custom VF page that displays Contacts and I didn't realize it. It looks very similar, so I didn't even think that would be the case. Thanks for everyone's input.