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sync Mysql to salesforce

Hi all,
 I have successfully sync'd my records from salesforce to mysql with a button click,but now i have the following issues to be undertaken


 1. I want two way sync i.e from salesforce to mysql and from mysql to salesforce and iam able to sync  salesforce to mysql but i need some guidelines to sync from Mysql to Salesforce.
 2. I just want all the fields to be sync on both ways coz now i am able sync only the records. 
i.e if  a new field is created in salesforce, it should be automatically created in Mysql also.  
 3. If the salesforce fileds are required one then i ought to display the same in remote Mysql.
 4. Now iam using XAMPP s/w to run my php,is it possible to run the same in remote

     server  application.


is that possible if so can u plz help me with any of my issues.

Thanks in advance

Greg RohmanGreg Rohman

Check out Apatar at www.apatar.com. We're using it to do scheduled mySQL -> Salesforce synchronizations.




Hi Nalini,


Can you please help me how to insert data from saleforce to mysql and mysql to salesforce. Please help me out.




Hey, i am trying to do smth similar non-commercial sync between mysql and salesforce bd.
will be so grateful if u could help and show smth like a start point or smth.