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Remote Access Authorization Error.

Hello every body,


Iam integrating salesforce into ios using REST Api.

it is working fine .but iam getting"Remote Access Authorization Error" error some times when iam logging into sfdc using my app.


can anybody resolve it.it is not frequent error..iam getting this some times dont know when exaactly...





sandeep kumar.R 


Hi folks iam got the source of error,


When app launching iam showing sfdc login page(webview).when iam entering log in credential after 20 mins of launching and click on log in button iam getton error..Remote Access Authorization Error.


when iam entering credentials immediately after app launching it not showing any error...


may it is timing issue..


can any body give me idea how to resolve it?





Yup, that's exactly it: the oauth login screen times out after being open for a while.


I've resolved this in my apps by refreshing the login webview every time the app becomes active, i.e. in 


Hi All, 

I am too facing the same issue, the only difference is instead of using REST API, we are using Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.0. I am not getting the solution to how to refresh my webview. It would be very helpful if any body can provide some pointers to the same.
Brad ThomasBrad Thomas
jhersh1, can you elaborate on your solution, can you provide example code for refreshing the login webview, and what happens with your solution if the session times out while the app is active?

I'm getting the exact same thing with the Mobile SDK, the app will require relogin, on entering the details get "Remote Access Authentication Error", clicking "Not You" requests login again, when then shows the Salesforce UI in full screen webview on iPad!