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Talend integration Error



I'm unable to upsert sObject Task from a Talend Job. The CallObject Field used as a key to created/update Tasks is Read Only in SFDC DEV ORG. I'm asking whether the Org Dev is limited and i could not upsert tasks from Talend, Or there is a bug in talend component tSalesForceOuput ? i got the error below:


Exception in component tSalesforceOutput_4
java.lang.Exception: com.salesforce.soap.partner.InvalidFieldFault: InvalidFieldFault
    at org.talend.salesforce.SforceManagementImpl.logout(SforceManagementImpl.java:368)
    at generali_vocalcom.job_update_retour_appel_0_1.JOB_UPDATE_RETOUR_APPEL.tFileInputDelimited_4Process(JOB_UPDATE_RETOUR_APPEL.java:5704)
    at generali_vocalcom.job_update_retour_appel_0_1.JOB_UPDATE_RETOUR_APPEL.runJobInTOS(JOB_UPDATE_RETOUR_APPEL.java:6582)
    at generali_vocalcom.job_update_retour_appel_0_1.JOB_UPDATE_RETOUR_APPEL.main(JOB_UPDATE_RETOUR_APPEL.java:6313)



Attached an image for the component used to update task sObject.


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