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Calendars with math functions

Hi, I am looking for a calendar where I can have not only my employees time scheduled to work on it, but I'd also like a feature where I can have it calculate how much I am paying that person each day.  So if I have Joe working 10-2 for $9/hrs and Suzy working 2-6 for $9.50/hrs, it would show:

Joe 10-2, $36, Suzy 2-6 $38.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

SFclouds Technologies Pvt LtdSFclouds Technologies Pvt Ltd


We can help you with the same. Please get back with your contact details at hina.gupta@sfclouds.com 


Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed

Can anyone help me out in making an custom calendar with timings sheet in it.which can maintain records in it,which should be just like Gnatt chart but,facing problem in integration of Gnatt chart in force.com.