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standard set controller

Hi All,

I am using StandardSetController.

public ApexPages.StandardSetController con { get; set; }

public ApexPages.StandardSetController refresh(){

if (con==null)
Con = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator(
                    [SELECT Name v]));

return con;
public list<wraplist> wrap(){

List<V> vList = new List<V>();
 vList = (List<V>)con.getRecords();
system.debug(con.getResultSize()); // returns for size 4 
system.debug(vList.Size()); // returns 1


can i know why all the values are not added to the list
Phillip SouthernPhillip Southern
What happens if you set page size for "con"?
ie: con.setpagesize(4);
Why we need  static value to be set if i have 10 values in the con.