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Can not transport new test class to production because y75% code coverage


i have on our production a code coverage of 59%. due of some updates and come deletet objects the code coverage goes down. so i update our old test classes on the sandbox.

But i can not upload the new testclasses to production cause of <75% test coverage ...

How can i bring the new test classes to production to get a higher test coverage?

Best regads,
Hi Patrick, 

Looks like this is related to known issues which already have been fixed. 

See the known issues: 




Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi Patrick, 
I think that in order to create new test classes you will need to increase first the coverage using the ones you have already. It happens to me before that in order to deploy any new class I needed to increase to 75, might be you are having the same issue. Or might be as Ashish already suggested you are having a known issue.
Sorry, might be it is worth try to update the coverage using the ones you have and if not then you know you are in known issues. Good Luck, hope it is not so painful. ( I know how stressfull is when tests are down )

Kind Regards,