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Eclipse- Heap Size error

Hi All,
    I am getting OutOfmemory:JavaHeap Size error on Windows while fetching apex classes and a few custom classe in eclipse.I increased the heap size to 1024m in eclipse.ini but still getting error. 


Hi , 

See the article and documentation, 

To resolve an OutofMemoryError in Eclipse, the maximum JVM heap size must be increased by changing a setting in Eclipse.ini, which is usually located in the same directory as the Eclipse executable. To change this setting, quit Eclipse, open the INI file in a text editor, and find the following line
Change this to
then save and close the file and restart Eclipse. Try the deployment again, monitoring Eclipse's memory usage to ensure it does not exceed the new maximum heap size. If it does, increase the maximum size to 1024MB (-Xmx1024m). Please note that using a very large heap size may negatively impact performance on the machine running Eclipse.
Additional notes:
- make sure that you do not have a carriage return after the -Xmx1024m
- optionally you can also increase the launcher.XXMaxPermSize to 1024 but use the following notation: launcher.XXMaxPermSize=1024M
- it might be necessary to also increase the Xms40m but do not go above 80.