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Error in Salesforce to Web Portal Integration - "Remote host closed connection during handshake"

We've setup a new test environment on AWS with endpoints and installed a wildcard SSL certificate to the IIS. After setting the configurations on the Web.config file and on the Salesforce settings, we started testing registering a record from the web portal. And it sent through Salesforce as a Lead. But after I convert a lead to contact, I got this error on the Contact page. I am sure Email, First name, Last Name and Account are present on the portal registration.

Registration Callout Error Message: Required fields: email or first name or last name or Account is missing, please check or Remote host closed connection during handshake.

So I looked on the Integration Error description: "Remote host closed connection during handshake"

Can you please assist us in fixing this error? It is not being logged in the Debug Log. And I assume this needs to be configured from callout apex classes.
Thanks in advance for all your help!