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Case Feed Layout - Move Save link


I am using Case - Feed Layout for more actions. In the last release under Answer Customer tab, Salesforce moved the Discard Draft | Save links near to Send Email button. This is causing more issues with the end users. Is there any way to move Discard Draft | Save link away from there?

Please look into the below image,

User-added image


SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Checked this setting on Case feed layout - don't think there is a way to remove or place this discard link elsewhere.

If its a high priority, you might want to create a customized send email option for users than using the std functionality..

Hi Sonam,

I really appricate your reply. Thanks for it.

I have tried with creating a custom button but it made no difference. It again showed near Save. 

Thanks again,

Kevin StrangeKevin Strange
What are the issues? Depending on what is going on there are a couple of tricks with moving this.