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Alexander RochaAlexander Rocha 

Timba Survey - Get parameters in URL

Hi everyone,

How are you all?
I'm using Timba Survey to get some data from my community and I'm getting some problems here. =/

I need to fill the field "relatedCase" from survey, and I want to fill it by the get parameter of the survey.

In this link of Altimetrik Support: http://sfproducts.altimetrik.com/entries/25654756-How-to-invite-from-opportunity
I found this: http://yoursite.force.com/timbasurveys__survey?id=survey ID goes here&cId=contact ID merge field goes here&oppty={!Opportunity.Id}&wf=yes
The get parameter of "Contact Id" is cid; the get parameter of "Opportunity Id" is oppty, the get parameter of "User Id" is Uid.
My question is, what's the get parameter of "Case Id"?? I tried CaseId, CaId, csId, case, these didn't work.

Alexander Rocha
Eric LimEric Lim