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remote objects


Can anybody help me out in understanding what are the specific area or functionality in which we can use remote objects. How complex programming we can do in remote objects. Apart from mobile version can we use in other areas like in Service cloud etc.

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Remote Objects can be simply thought of as a standard controller for the javascript. They allow you to define complex data models which you can then work esaily with in Javascript. 

If you are working on a Visualforce page you can utilise remote objects. Once you have defined your object model you can then use Javascript to perform the standard crud operations on the sobject models you have defined and manipulate the data with Javascript in any way you like.

I personally find the sweet spot to be when I am working with a page that needs to be responsive and have some client side logic in Javascript. The models can also be used with frameworks such as Angular or React to produce very modern modularised responsive single page applications.