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Maui GuerraMaui Guerra 

T shirt challenge

I started diving into SFdev and it all started with the tshirt challenge, which is an awesome experience, love SF the best training modules by far. However, I recently completed the first two badges, my portal displays 2 badges, yet, it also only displays one complete. Believe this to be a small bug somewhere. How can I claim my free awesome tshirt by the 31st?

Any help is appreciated. If you need to verify the completed challenge work please let me know thanks!

Keep up the great work!

Can please you share the screenshot where it displays one completed? Don't stop with 2 badges,there is lots more to earn. Best of luck for your t-shirt challenge :)
I'm having the same issue as Maui (just the data modeling badge isn't showing as complete).

In trailhead:
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In profile:
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Maui GuerraMaui Guerra
Hi Karanraj,

And thank you for your reply as well Alexander. Sure here is the screen shotUser-added imageUser-added image
User-added image

These show completion up to the required two badge data modeling, with 2 badges, however, it also shows only 1 badge completed on another part of the portal. Please to remedy. Or can you simply give us a link to obtain our prize =)

Thanks again for your help Karanraj!

Harshit PandeyHarshit Pandey

We release a fix, pull up your profile page now and lets us where it stands 

Maui GuerraMaui Guerra
Hi Harshit,

Thank you for the fix! Now it shows two badges awesesome. When do we receieve our shirts?

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Thanks again
Maui GuerraMaui Guerra
Nevermind Harshit. I just saw the congratulatory email!! Thanks again friend!!