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Krishnakumar RaghuKrishnakumar Raghu 

Completed all the training modules offered from Salesforce. Expecting T-Shirt !! :)

Shaijan ThomasShaijan Thomas

How do you get T-Shirt for ths?

Krishnakumar RaghuKrishnakumar Raghu
Please check the link http://go.salesforcedevs.com/trailhead-january-challenge?utm_campaign=trailhead-2015-01&utm_source=email&utm_medium=edw-inactive  
Durgesh GuptaDurgesh Gupta
I think we need to wait till 31Jan for any confirmation from salesforce.
Krishnakumar RaghuKrishnakumar Raghu
Yes, we may need to wait till 31 Jan and see !!
Savannah NavarroSavannah Navarro
I thought you only had to complete the first 2 for a shirt? Or do you need all of them?
Geetanjali RawatGeetanjali Rawat

I earned 3 badges for Data Modeling ,Data Management & Force.com Basics.....Though its required to complete only 2 modules but I guess its quite addictive...and yes do I need to do anything else to claim my T-Shirt!! :) 
Lauren GrauLauren Grau
Thanks for your interest in our Trailhead t-shirt contest!  We sent out an email notification to all winners on February 2, so if you haven't received the notification, see this related forum post for details: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000AxATIA0

Follow up with me if you have any questions.

Happy trails!
Aron Schor [Dev]Aron Schor [Dev]
Is it too late to get a shirt?
Krishnakumar RaghuKrishnakumar Raghu
Yes Aron... Trailhead Challenge was over on Jan 31st !!
May be you can wait for next Trailhead offering from Salesforce...
Aron Schor [Dev]Aron Schor [Dev]
Thanks Krishnakumar.
Krishnakumar RaghuKrishnakumar Raghu
Hello All,

 Please let me know if anybody in this group, who have completed the required Trailhead challenges, and received the T-Shirt !!

Thanks !
I received my Trailhead t-shirt last Thursday, March 19. I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota if that helps anyone.
Krishnakumar RaghuKrishnakumar Raghu
Super, Bryan !! ..
I am based out at Bangalore, India... So, we may need to wait for some more time... :) 
keddric knealkeddric kneal
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