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Help with Formula to Update Shipping Address

I created a picklist field with the Value Clinic, Customer, and Custom. We need to auto fill the Shipping address base on the selection from that Picklist field.
For Example if Clinic is selected, the shipping address of the order will capture the address field from the Clinic detail page. The same with Customer.
If it;s Custom, user can enter address manually.

Thanks in Advance
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 

You can achieve it through the Workflow rule. You can specify the rule criteria and accordingly you can update the address using the Field update action.

Also you can go with the Trigger option.

B&D DeveloperB&D Developer
Hi Pratik,

That is actually what I'm trying to do but I need help with field update. I think I need to use a formula to capture address from other object
the Order detail has two lookup field. they are lookup to Clinic and Customers. both have address field.

Once user selected Clinic from the picklist it should capture the address of the clinic. likewise if it's Customer.