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User cant creating record ?

I have created a new opportunity button to populate opp values when ever opp page opens. And the button is under contact related list.

I created a trigger to overide the opp owner.

Button works correctly for admin..but when a user trying to create particuler recordtype opportunity he is getting insufficient previliougies error.

for other record type is able to create  opp record. I knew this is becvause of changing the owner name(Overriding) for opp. but how could it works ok for one record type and not working for another ?

he able to create record for 1 recordtype  logs -

04:34:51.413|CUMULATIVE_LIMIT_USAGE_END 04:34:50.740 (740278429)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|PrevStageTest on Opportunity trigger event BeforeUpdate for [006f000000D5aoL] 04:34:50.821 (821373378)|WF_ACTIONS_END| Field Update: 2; 04:34:50.821 (821396245)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Workflow:Opportunity 04:34:51.331 (1331173392)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|TRIGGERS 04:34:51.331 (1331200916)|EXECUTION_FINISHED

Below is users canot able to create record for other record type.

04:31:09.265 (265616071)|VALIDATION_PASS 04:31:09.265 (265636279)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Validation:Opportunity:new 04:31:10.603 (1603656178)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|TRIGGERS 04:31:10.603 (1603683968)|EXECUTION_FINISHED

if you observe for correct record workflow was executed. and for other validation rule executed. please need help very badly.
Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar
Can you please check that record type available for other profiles as well ?
yes,  it was available for all profiles.....if i deactivate the trigger (updates owner value) then able to create record with that record type.