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Alexander RochaAlexander Rocha 

Apex Test Class - Site.login()

Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem here.
I'm trying to test my class, and I can't test "Site.login()" function.

I have a code like this:

logado = Site.login(username, password, null);              
if(logado != null){
    //Some code here

No matter which values I pass in the parameters, it always returns null. There's a way to this return true in a apex test class?

Thank you for your attention.
Sorry my bad english.

Alexander Rocha

Tejpal KumawatTejpal Kumawat
Hello Alexander,

Try with this code :
@IsTest global with sharing class SiteLoginControllerTest {
    @IsTest(SeeAllData=true) global static void testSiteLoginController () {
        // Instantiate a new controller with all parameters in the page
        SiteLoginController controller = new SiteLoginController ();
        controller.username = 'test@salesforce.com';
        controller.password = '123456'; 
        controller.login() ;     
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Alexander RochaAlexander Rocha
Hi Tejpal,

That doesn't work.
controller.login() returns a null value.

Thank you for your attention
Alexander Santos Rocha