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Urgent....regarding downloading the developer console data into excel file

HI experts,

Im fetching the data in to developer console using soql query, i want to copy the entire what ever fetched records in to excel file, i try to copy the records its not happening , could you please guide me how to do that. thanks in advance
You can use the Workbench tool to query the record and export into the excel file https://workbench.developerforce.com/login.php
HI karan,
Thanks for the reply , its an object what i need to select in that
whether i need to select meta data components or soql query,if im selecting soql query im not able to find the that particular object
actual this is my query: 
select id,name ,FullName,Metadata,NamespacePrefix,TableEnumOrId
from workflowrule where TableEnumOrId= 'Development'