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multiple entitlments with different slas for different accountsHow does one set case sla or milestones for different accounts where each account has different entitllement and slas?
Do we need to create multiple entitlment processes and case milestones for each entitlment and associate them to accounts?
That would be lot of work.
It will depend.  Typically each Entitlement will share some sort of similar guideline.  Like you have a Basic, Standard and Premium entitlement type.  Each on of these would then have their own Entitlement Process associated with them.  However if each of your Entitlements for every Account has a different SLAs then you wlil have to create an Entitlement Process for each Entitlement.

What you would typically do is have a picklist like EntiltementLevel__c that contiains 'Basic', 'Standard', 'Premium', then write a trigger that pulls the down all of your Active Entitlement Processes and does some sort of matching to find the right one and then sets the entitlement process id field on the entitlement.

PS: I'm trying to get a hands on training approved for Dreamforce this year on this very topic and I can let you know if it is going to happen if you are interested.
Sure, please let me know. Thanks.
Sure, I'll let you know.  If you don't mind, please mark this as solved so that it is taken off the unresolved list.
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