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Pujitha MadamanchiPujitha Madamanchi 

how can I post birthday wishes on chatter from my user records?

We have a requirement to post wishes every year on Chatter for the users records
in our community. Our organisation have more than 350,000 employees, so on a minimum basis, we might have about 2000 posts everyday. So can anyone suggest an app or a way to go ahead with this requirement. 

I was thinking if we can run a batch process or have some appexchange tools to get the job done. Can anyone suggest some apps that are very helpful?
1. You can create a scheduled batch class which runs over night and checks who's Birthdays are today. Then do a chatter posts for those people with selected greeting text or image.
2. Your Birthday wishesh text can be stored in a custom settings or custom label.
3. You can also put a greeting image in Document object and put it on chatte posts.

If you want this developed then I can work with your organization on contract hourly basis for this quick assignment. Let us know. Hope this helps!