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Sending automatic email--Urgent

Hi Experts,

I need to send an automatic email to user when while filling the first time.could anyone write workflow field or trigger on this please

Form 7 Cert. Issued (Email only while/after filling the first time) – Email should be sent to AE / Site Contact (Lookup Email in tRIIO Resources for that Contact) & also to a DOT BOX which are Mobs.backoffice@triio.co.uk; Admin.Mobs@morrisonus.com. 

This is the field which is there in the TRioo resource(Email__c).

email templte content is


Please be aware that the Form 7 Certificate has been Issued for the Temporary work (Temporary Work ID goes here).

The link to the temporary work at Isis is - https://cs8.salesforce.com/aD0L000000000e6

Please contact the temporary works team if case of any concerns.


tRIIO Temporary Works Team

tRIIO® is a joint venture partnership between Morrison Utility Services and Skanska Construction UK.
A gas distribution strategic partner.

Think green - keep it on the screen. This e-mail and any attachment is for authorised use by the intended recipient(s) only. It may contain proprietary material, confidential information and/or be subject to legal privilege. It should not be copied, disclosed to, retained or used by, any other party. If you are not an intended recipient then please promptly delete this e-mail and any attachment and all copies and inform the sender. Thank you.


Thanks in advance

Sagar PareekSagar Pareek
How are you identifying that the form is being filled for the first time? Let say if you have a checkbox that reflects the form is filled for the first time in that case you can use a workflow to send an email.
HI Sagar,

when user fill that form, it has to throw an error.my colleages are saying to no need to check that one try with workflow. could you tell me the soluation please
Here Form 7 Cert. Issued is field for the triio work documentation, pleasae could you write on this please