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Christopher GoslineChristopher Gosline 

Process Builder - New process makes old processes not work.


I have been using Process Builder for a few weeks now. Its main purpose for me has been in its ability to update records in my database without having to click "edit" and "save". I have certain triggers firing off foreign field values, which are therefore only updating when I enter into their object and click the mentioned buttons. Process builder has enabled me to fix this problem. All has been working swell - that is until just recently.

Currently every time I build a new process, an old one stops working; it does not deactivate, it simply ceases to operate successfully. I understand there are governor limits etc, however I do not fully understand these. From my comprehension, after doing a bit of reading, my APEX coding and Processes are hardly close to these limitations. 

I am curious if anybody knows of a solution. These processes are very important to the operations of my database. I would appreciate any sort of help.

To be clear, it is the actions within the processes which stop working. For example, I have a process that updates a custom object upon the change of a field in the opportunity object. This change should update two separate objects - obj1 and obj2. I therefore create two processes and activate them. They are however failing to work simultaneously. When I deactivate one, the other works - vice versa. When I bring the two actions into one process the top-most action is the only one which works. 

Thank you for your time in reading this. Enjoy your day.

All the best,
Hello Cole,

I think the processes might be working but they might be over-riding each other at some poing. You should activate field history and see how field values changes when both processes runs.

If none of them works, try to check debug logs if you see any conflicts.

Ideally, you should have everything for a object in a single process to avoid this situation so you can define right entry criterias and then create a fork to execure the process for it.

Hope this helps!