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If the field is checked send an email notification

Hello ,
I had a requirement where i need to send an email notification 100 days before the contract end date based on the condition.So i have created the workflow rule with the condition and time based workflow ,email alert.Which worked fine.
Now once the 100 days email is sent to the opportunity owner,then their is a field on contract object "SRR" (picklist field - as yes/no).Now the opportunity owner will update the field "SRR" value .
1)If the owners updates the field "SRR" value as "Yes" then an email needs to send to the customer for 45 /30 /15 days before the contract end date.
2)If the owners updates the field "SRR" value as "No" then stop sending  email needs to  the customer .
3)If the owners does not updates the field "SRR" value  within 90 days before the contract end date,then an email needs to be sent to the owner  and superior.
How can i get this filter in WFR .Any help or example very much appreciated.
Would you like to hire a developer to address above requirements .
Email me at : ashish.sharma.devsfc@gmail.com
saikat sarkarsaikat sarkar
It Can be achived by using a chain of Workflow or by writing Scheduler Class with a Batch class. For more detail and help ping.
SalesforceCrm AccountCRMSalesforceCrm AccountCRM
@Ashish_Sharma_DEVSFDC,@saikat sarkar:Thanks for your reply.I have tried using the workflow rule but got stucked.