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Custom object and sharing set for communities login based license.

I have created sharing set for custom object (book) 
access determined by has following - 
User:Account = Book:Account__c

When I login as contact user on community, it shows me all book records with all accounts, instead of book records with contact users account.
Standard objects have no issues like case, accounts, they only show those records for which user account matches on those objects.

Can someone please suggest why custom object is not working properly.

Dario BakDario Bak
1) Check collaboration settings, for book you must set PRIVATE
2) Make sure Profile doesnt have View All/Modify all priviliges for this object

If this works let me know and mark this answer as best response!
Thanks but it did not help. Profile doesnt view and modify all privilage and also sharing settings (collaborative I believe is same as sharing settings) is Private.
Dario BakDario Bak
Can you upload a screenshot of the sharing rule you created?
Its pretty much from Setup to Sharing Settings to Organization-Wide Sharing Defaults where I have set Book as Private.
Dario BakDario Bak
What happens if you remove the rule you created "User:Account = Book:Account__c"? Please try that and tell me. We need to narrow the problem