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Abhijeet Volvoikar 7Abhijeet Volvoikar 7 

How to change cases status to “Escalated” after escalation in salesforce

I have an escalation rule in case objects.After 1 day i triggering my escalation rule. Is Escalated is getting set on case.
How I will change the status of case to "Escalated" after escalation automatically.
Please provide me your suggestions.
Check if you can add workflow rule and field updates for same. 
Hi Abhijeet,

This is know issue or in another word currently a workflow rule does not trigger when an escalation occurs. 

FYR : https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000a8g9AAA
john s.john s.
Does it work with an Process ? 

regards john 
Workflow rules will fire if you change the case owner in the Escalation Action. I set the owner to a dummy queue, say EQUE. Then Workflow on Owner name changed to EQUE. Workflow action: set status and change owner to real queue.