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Jitendra JangidJitendra Jangid 

Workaround to fetch only custom app setting for a profile using API call

Hi Hives,
I'm fetching custom app setting information using metadata API for n profile(s). N can be one or more. I'm getting all information as per expectation but problem is that it's taking too much time to fetch as it fetches all information related to the profile such as tab setting in addition to custom app setting. Average timing is 3 minutes for 10 profiles. Normally we have to fetch information for more than 100 profiles.

Snip of code:
//cProfileORPermissionSets = String array of profiles 
ReadResult metaDataResult=metaDataConnection.readMetadata("Profile", cProfileORPermissionSets);

Is there anyway to fetch only custom app setting  for a profile using any API call?

Thanks in advance!