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Can't access Trailhead account linked to an expired trial org

I can't access my trailhead account.

When I log in I get a trail exprired error message.

Could someone please help me ? I've already emailed trailhead@salesforce.com twice about this but no answer.

Thanks a lot.
If your trial org has expired there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. Trial orgs are for potential customers to try out functionality, and have to be converted into paid orgs within a certain timeframe or they disappear. For Trailhead you should sign up for a developer edition instead - these are free and don't expire.
The odd thing is it was a developer edition at the time it was created. From now on I can't access my trailhrad account anymore :(
Would it be possible to link an existing trailhead account to another dev org ?
Luciana Cavalieri 13Luciana Cavalieri 13
I have the same issue, could you fix it? Thanks
Pierre-Yves MORA 11Pierre-Yves MORA 11
I have the same issue too, could you fix it please ?
John Jensen 6John Jensen 6
Same problem, is there a solution?
Abdullah ObaidullahAbdullah Obaidullah

Try choosing a different username as of previous with the same email address and it will work.