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Any Suggestion Notification email to Owner nd Manager

We had a requirement where we need to send an notification email to owner and manager .Based on it we have written some code etc.
Small concern is ---
1)Untill their is a Manager field vaue  populated in the user record,the code gets triggered.
2)If the Manager field is blank ,then the value does not get displayed .The code doesnot get triggered throws error.
3)If the Manager gets changed in between ,then how  the notification email  will go to the related owners- manager ,because the manager field in the  user record is filled manually.
4)Its Manadatory to have a Manager field value populated in the user record ,if the scenario is that the notification email to be sent to the owner and manager of the record.
Any Suggestion or Ideas very much appreciated.
Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Please post your code so that I could understand issue more.