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Manoj Kumar TiwariManoj Kumar Tiwari 

No Login - Registered Developer Org User


I am a registered user and have my developer org for development purpose. When I trailhead without login to salesforce, I see two link on the pages namely "... Badges" and "... Points" where "..." is a number.  When I click on these links without login to salesforce, I am redirected to "Discussion forum"page. Is this correct behavior?

Shouldn't these information be hidden when I am not logged into salesforce? Alternatively, if these informations are coming from cookies and I am still not logged in then clicking these links should take me to login page instead of discussion forum?

I am looking forward to hear from you.


When I am not logged-in I can see the badges earned. When I click on that, I am taken to Discussion forum. Similar is the case with Points Earned link. Is this intended behavior?
Even I had same observation. It strongly means that points and badges count is getting retrieved from stored cache of the computer and not from any connected/logged-in account.