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Duplicating account object


I have Standard objects Accounts in relation to Contacts.
Account has 4 record types. I want to seperate one of them to new object.

I want to create new object AccountX which is duplicate of Account and also link AccountX to contacts.

What are best steps (or process) and loopholes I will have in the process

Thank you for suggestions.
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Hi Sandrine,
Consider following challenges/brainstorm before going ahead:
1. Account is Std Object. which is supported in most reports and to most other objects.
2. Any dependencies on object being migrated will have to be considered: e.g. Apex, W/F, Triggers, Approval Processes, Visual Force references and would have to be modified accordingly. Also, some areas of set up like ProcessBuilder doesn't support modifications once they are activated.
3. Most enhancement in SF releases are often specific to standard objects and this should also be a consideration.
4. For Data Loading, seperate config changes would be required for loading the data.