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Kimberley LockwoodKimberley Lockwood 

Query with Certificate Expiry Notification

Hi Everyone,

I receive the below message yesterday and not something I have seen before. Does anybody know what action I should take or what this certificate is for?

You have one or more certificates in your Salesforce org that will expire soon. Review the list below and visit Certificate and Key Management from Setup to make an update.
   - SelfSignedCert_03Oct2014_162958, Self-Signed, expires on 10/2/2016. Warning: This certificate will expire in 60 day(s).

Thanks :)
Certificate mostly used when a SSO or a callout to HTTPS end point made.Have you setup any SSO in your org? It would be nict to disusss this with your IT team, however, you may also look into this article (http://help.salesforce.com/HTViewSolution?id=000231048