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Juan Pablo TorresJuan Pablo Torres 

Build a Conference Management App - Creating the Application - Step 6: Optimize the Speaker Lookup


I executed the Step 6 as it is described below, but the look dialog does not appear on the Speaker object :S.

1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Objects.
2. Click the Speaker link.
3. Scroll down to the Search Layouts section, and click Edit next to Lookup Dialogs.
4 .Add First Name and Last Name to the Selected Fields.
5. Click Save.
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Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Juan,

In the Speaker Object you have relatedlist named Session right.
In that you have a new session speaker buton -> click that button -> there you have a speaker lookup->Click that lookup ->Show the lookup dialog.

And vice versa in the Session object you have the Speakers related list, Do the same above steps you got the lookup dialog ok.

Speaker is the master detail relationship fields which is in the Session Speaker Junction Object.so you can't see that in the Speaker object.

These practices are come in the Step 7 Juan.

Let me know if you want any further help.

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