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shall we use Workflow or trigger

Hi, I have scenario, where there is a field on Case object called status, my requirement is that I want send an email alert to the concerned person if a Case is with 'Open status' for 15 days. What is the best way to achieve that.

Javier RochaJavier Rocha

As usual always pick the easiest option, if you can do it with workflow choose that instead of triggers. 

Use Process Builder or Workflow
Set a scehduled action that will execute after 15 days from record creation.
In formula field, check the status of the case, if its open then add an caction to send Email.

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Use a Process Builder to send out an email alert to user. Its very easy to configure.
1. Create a Porcess on Case objetc
2. Set condition Case status= Open status
3. Set Schedule action i.e 15 Days
4. Then create a new email alert