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case link in email templates for portal users


I have a requirement to put a case record link in email template. so that it can be accessed by the customer portal users.

I have tried appending the record id to my customer portal url, but it throws me an error.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
1. Does that user has permission to access case record?
2. can you please let me know what error you are getting ?
3. Also send me your url. 

Sandeep Singhal
Thank you for the quick response sandeep. Just now this issue has been solved by appending the retURL=https://ap1.salesforce.com/recordid to my portal url.

I was trying since morning by adding "URL" in lower case and its allowing me to login but its taking me to the home page not to the record detail page.But I have one issue with the above url , If the user is already logged in to customer portal then once the user clicks on this link its again asking to login.