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visualforce bar charting


I have a requirement to build a bar chart with
1. x-axis labelled "Cases grouped by week"contains the case last modified date grouped by each week (Starting from saturday - friday) from last 6 Months and data need to be grouped by case product type "X" and "Y".
2. Y -axis with % of records passed by case products "X" and "Y"  (I have another custom fields on case records named pass/fail it is a formula field and it will output pass or fail .So based on this I need to calculate the % of records passed only) .

Could someone please suggest me that can we acheive the above scenario using VF charting ??

In the standard report builder I am able to acheive the above except the case last modified date grouped by week starting from Saturday to Friday (In standard grouping of calender week I can see week starting from Sunday - Saturday i.e 7/3/2016 to 7/9/2016 ). But i need week starting from Saturday to Friday as 7/2/2016 to 7/8/2016 , 7/9/2016 to 7/15/2016.