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Hey folks, 
We have a client that is trying to install our managed package. As part of this process, the setup steps involve the creation of a Connected App along with the requirement to edit the OAuth policy options. They can create the Connected App, but then client says they only have the single option of "Immediately expire refresh token" in the Refresh Token Policy. The other options for "Refresh token is valid until revoked" is not available (screenshot below shows what we typically see during other installations)

User-added image

They also cannot see the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. The OAuth API section of the screen is blank in their case. 
User-added image

Why are these settings not showing up on their screen? They are logged in with admin role during this install process.


Can any body tell how i can create a test drive for two organisation.
So that when user do "Take A Test Drive" at that time able to select for which organisation he wants a Test Drive.
I have created two Test Drive for my two products. But i need only one Listing for both.
i want to link both products test drive with same listing.

My Questions:-
A. On Test drive is it posible to create a custom signup page.
B. Is there any way to know to add some fields before Take A Test Drive so according to that it will redirect to right Orgainisation.




Can we edit custom object permission in "Standard platform user"  profile, if yes how?


Note: I have logged in as admin.