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I'm looking for someone to take over my for my current Salesforce developer. The program is already built out, but I need someone to help with issues that may arise and a Visualforce error that just popped up today...

DO YOU NEED A CONSULTANT, ADMIN, DEV ON-DEMAND? Ask about our Certified Team Plans!


ForceBrain.com is offering heavily discounted rates on our salesforce services for organizations, who are looking into hiring us in implementing, optimizing, or developing their salesforce instance. We have successfully completed over 300 projects. Check out our portfolio here: https://na2.salesforce.com/sfc/p/400000008yJlpAXPUc0lzZ1lkgXAR4Pw4mlaoMQ=


Our top clients include American Express, Kaplan, bioTheranostics, University of San Francisco, PRG, Monsoon Commerce, among others.


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All the best,
Kristina Smith

(650) 425-7474 l direct

(800) 708-1790 l main