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I have used below request to add fields in contacts list and its working fine for me. 

SFRestRequest *request = [[SFRestAPI sharedInstance] requestForCreateWithObjectType:@"Contact" fields:fields];
 [[SFRestAPI sharedInstance] send:request delegate:self];

Now i have to add this contact in Account contact list. I have created new account from Accounts dashboard.
Please suggest to access this. 



m developing an android app using a template app from Salesforce mobile SDK.

i hv replaced client id with the consumer key of my connected app and callback url with my own :- myapp:///mobilesdk/detect/oauth/done

in the rest.xml of template app.

 theu when i run it, m asked enter my credenials and authorization process continues till after entering a verification code but after that i get a flash msg "1804:requested Scope is not allowed" i wonder why this error is coming..?


i haven't written any apex code of any sort for app on sf if that is to be done pls tlet me know...


regards and many thanks in advance,